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About The Artist

     Warren Jackson Sr is a self taught visual artist who has spent his life exploring the many paths of self expression via the arts. Being a true creative, he is fearless when it comes to using different mediums to bring his vision to life. Warren was born in New Orleans, LA. and raised in Old Algiers which is the westside of the city, separated by the Mississippi River. Even though he's no longer in the city, he's not far from it painting murals and customized art on homes in the surrounding areas. 

     As an established artist, he is active in his community working with his art program called Art-Doption that offers youth development workshops to our city kids and adolescents. He recently opened Warren Jackson Artist Gallery in November 2022 at 2439 Manhattan Blvd Ste. 404 in Harvey, LA. 70058. The only art gallery on the Westbank dedicated to supporting local black artist's aiming to develop innovative projects that educate and 'beautify' our communities. Warren is a multi disciplined extraordinaire that will exceed expectations: rather its acrylic on canvas art, wall murals, signs, air brushing or simply his jazz music improvisation. 


Air Brushed Items

custom designed


Signature prints

custom designs


Silk Screening

custom designing


Wall Murals

Custom designed



Original art


Property Painting


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